The Attitude We Take Determines the Impressions We Make — 5 Comments

  1. As consumers the choices we make are affected by other people’s attitudes on a daily basis. Be it the supermarket where we go shopping, because we like the atmosphere and the staff or the mechanic that fixes our car. The service we are provided affects our choice not to go to another supermarket or another mechanic. That is why those providing us services want to make us feel positive and they often do this by ensuring the price is right, the atmosphere feels good, while smiling and trying to help us. The positive attitude may only be one aspect of a good functioning business, but it is a powerful one that shouldn’t be underestimated, since consumers often have a choice to find a positive attitude somewhere else.

  2. There’s a concept in psychology called the feel-good, do-good phenomenon in which we are more likely to do something good for others if we are in a good mood, pretty straight forward. Attitude affects how we do a lot of things in relation to person to person interaction and can be the reason that interactions turn sour. Maybe your dog died or you dropped twenty dollars on the group today, that’s going to change your mood and therefore change how you treat people or respond to things. Life is circumstantial in many aspects and the ways in which you use those circumstances indicate the routes in which your life takes.

  3. The poet William Blake once wrote; “He who kisses the joy as it flies
    Lives in eternity’s sun rise”. Back in the day when I did political canvassing, walking door to door to promote a candidate, I would remember to stop and smell the roses along the way. That meditative moment was often all I needed to shed the tension of meeting a stranger, and to approach them with a smile. Thank you for the prompt. I must remind myself again!

    • Yeah Ellen, appreciating all the delightful sights, sounds, smells as they come and go keeps us awake to the freshness of the moment. Blake’s point in that poem (expressed in the other two lines you didn’t quote) is that we get into trouble trying to own joy and pin it down. It’s fleeting, like everything else – the bloom of flowers, the blush of embarrassment, the sting of an abrupt ‘no’, and the satisfaction of closing a deal or getting a generous contribution. Ultimately the best attitude is no attitude. You’re ready for anything and profoundly confident that everything is quite workable. Thanks for your thoughts Ellen and keep enjoying the smell of all those different kinds of ‘roses’.

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