Is That Really A Brick Wall – Or A Door Of Opportunity? — 2 Comments

  1. I agree with the premise of this blog that it is critical in any communication to have an open mind, particularly in sales. One never really knows the details of another’s life, business, strategy or thought process without endeavoring to understand. In sales I’ve found that people don’t like to be told what is best for them by someone who doesn’t know them, their company or their thinking. In addition, a respectful inquiry shows an effort to understand which tends to put the potential client more at ease and gives them a sense of control over the decision to engage or not.

    • I agree, Cynthia, and it’s not just in sales–nobody likes to be told what’s best for them by an outsider. That’s why asking questions can be such a great way to determine if you can align your strengths with a prospect’s needs.

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