How to Ace the “What Makes You Different?” Challenge — 5 Comments

  1. Although my experience in consumer telemarketing gives me a slightly different perspective, the technique remains the same. When your prospect challenges you, it’s essential to stick to your script. Your reply is spot on… “That’s a great question and I’m glad you asked. ”
    Then you transition into, ‘But before we get into that, let me make sure we are the right agency for you. I can do that with a couple quick questions… First, let me ask you…. ”

    In this manner, you are employing a negative takeaway, almost making them convince you that you are right for them. But it must be done smoothly to avoid sounding evasive, by someone with a fair amount of confidence.

    • Thanks for your thoughts Steve. It’s amazing how effectively you can engage people when they don’t feel you’re trying to push them into something.

  2. I definitely agree that in order to make a meaningful connection and inspire sales, you must first appeal to the emotional state of the people you are talking to. It’s sad but true: many people become almost instantaneously annoyed when contacted by a marketer; there will be days when a few practically whip you with their words. But just as people can be quick to assume that you’re just a robotic, disengaged marketer, a positive first impression can quickly pique their interest. And what’s most important for giving a good impression is being well-informed and showing a genuine interest.

    People can sense the difference between honesty and dishonesty. In order to be successful, you must honestly desire to help, as well as be patient when making your case. Nothing turns people off faster than demanding respect by rattling off facts and figures. Thus, I would absolutely agree that the best way to get a person’s attention is to turn the conversation over to their needs and wants, as opposed to using bragging points.

    • I heard a saying a long time ago that I’ve always loved. It sums up your point Katherine in a very pithy way: “People would rather talk about their garden than hear about your seeds.”
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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